Additional Resources

Learn about how to hire your own employees, understanding the demographics of where you are operating, and more about starting up a new business.

Working in Canada

Click here to read about how to work in Canada, including work permits, hiring employees in general, and visas.

Human Resources

Human resources are an important aspect of any business, but it may be difficult for a startup to know where to start when expanding. Here are some links that will help you learn more about hiring employees in general, receiving funding for interns or seasonal employees, and hiring international workers.


Where you situate your business is crucial to its success. Knowing the demographics of the area you want to be operating in will be helpful in identifying future consumers and competitors. This will allow you to tailor strategic and marketing plans to better fit your business. You can find the demographic profile of any city through a simple Google search!

Helpful Links

Tips and Tricks

Tricks to help you get your business up and started!


Business Plans

Building one will help you map out the feasibility of your venture.