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Hello! Welcome to the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce. We’re glad you stopped by.

The Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the Cloverdale, Clayton, and Campbell Heights business community. What matters to you, matters to us and we are here to help you have your voice heard locally, provincially and nationally.

Since 1949, the Cloverdale Chamber has represented businesses from Downtown Cloverdale, Highway 10, Five Corners to Fraser Highway and not to forget, Clayton Heights and Campbell Heights. For seven decades, our mandate has been to support our members through advocating for businesses and organizations within the district, providing business and community connections and celebrating everything that Cloverdale does.

We offer numerous ways to connect with the business community to establish and maintain new connections. Our members receive numerous benefits to help their business save on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Membership gives your business access to an array of unique marketing opportunities.

Our door is always open. Please stop by our office, give us a call or connect with us on social media anytime. 


Why Join?

Learn the benefits of joining the Cloverdale District Chamber.

Promote your business through our various promotional opportunties. You can be a featured member, share news on an upcoming event and more. 

As a member of the Chamber, you are eligible to receive access to the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan which many of our members participate in. We also offer a variety of discount programs that can help you save money on the cost of doing business. 

Our Chamber is the Voice of the Cloverdale Business Community.  We are here to help our members navigate the levels of government with any concerns they have.  What matters to you, matters to us.  Let us help you have your voice heard. Visit our Advocacy page to learn more.

The Chamber offers a number of networking events for our members so you can expand your contact list. With monthly luncheons, workshops/seminars, and awards ceremonies, you can make connections with more local business members.

Services we offer to all
Cloverdale businesses.

Our mandate is to support the business community in Cloverdale. We work closely with key stakeholders and community groups to make Cloverdale a great place to do business and to grow your business.


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From supporting downtown Cloverdale’s first businesses to forging the direction of our district’s newest businesses in Campbell Heights, we’ve been there.

Supporting Local Business

Members & Growing

Jennifer Watts

Valley Mortgage Broker

Joining the Cloverdale Chamber has been one of the best decisions. We’re experiencing huge growth South of the River and I recommend the COC as a great group to grow with.

George Gunnink

MacMillan Tucker

We have been members of the Cloverdale Chamber for a number of decades, and we have found that the Chamber consistently does its best for our town.

Robert Curran

Heming, Wyborn & Grewal

The Cloverdale Chamber has been a fantastic way to meet members from local businesses and to interact within the community. It has been a great way to get community exposure for the firm.

News & Updates

We’re constantly working on staying up-to-date on the issues that have an impact on your business and bottom line with the latest news and resources.

Book Review: The E-Myth

Book Review: The E-Myth

An oldie, but a goodie! If you haven’t read The E-Myth – the original version – or The E-Myth Revisited – it’s a must for anyone either thinking of starting or already in business for themselves. This read is a classic and consistently recommended over and over again....

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Book Review: No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram

Book Review: No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram

When I came across this one, I couldn’t resist as I’m not sure about you, but Instagram … “Insta” … “the Gram” … whatever you call it … still continues to amaze and mystify me. According to the promo: Since its creation in 2010, Instagram’s fun and simple interface...

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6 Common Sense Time Management Tips!

6 Common Sense Time Management Tips!

1. Start your day with a clear focus. Have a plan for what you want to accomplish each day before you get started. Spending as little as 5 minutes mapping out your day will save you hours scrambling to get it all done. 2. Have a dynamic task list. Create a living task...

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