As I write this months Chamber article I am reminded every day that spring is finally starting to arrive. The days are longer, the sun is beginning to shine more, and the opening of patios across Cloverdale and Surrey is hopefully soon to arrive. It is a time when many residents and businesses look back on the first few months of the year, both to assess how they are doing in meeting their 2021 goals and also what changes they want to put in place.

2021 has been a mixed year for many as we still are living in a global pandemic and coping with public health restrictions and economic disruption. As people look to a day when normalcy will return, they are also looking for ways to help grow their business and engage in the community. This is where the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce can help. As we slowly emerge from this pandemic, the Chamber offers its members many unique opportunities to help get back up.

One support the Chamber has is its educational opportunities. The Chamber is constantly hosting local politicians, business leaders, and other professionals while opening them up to the wider membership for seminars and talks on how to develop their businesses. Many of the speakers are either active members of the local community or individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The educational seminars and talks have been shifted to a virtual setting until public health guidelines allow for a return to in-person. The Chamber believes that providing these educational opportunities to our members, and the wider community, offers a chance to businesses to develop and learn.

Networking remains crucial for many businesses, both new and established. Growing your network, finding out what other businesses exist in your local area, and learning more about them is important for so many businesses. Networking can introduce you to potential new partners and even referral opportunities for your business, and clients. The Chamber has always promoted meetings among its members through such events as our monthly luncheons, after hour Chamber socials and larger events like the Clovies Awards. Going virtual has not stopped this, with such events like the recently hosted “Whisky Tasting” night and “Simply Networking” now migrating to Zoom. We believe that building relationships among our members, and helping our members find the widest possibly connections is key to helping all businesses grow. We believe that while BC and Canada continue to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chamber is still there to help our members grow and connect.

We also offer our members access to our member directory of businesses operating in the communities of Cloverdale, Clayton and Campbell Heights. With a membership of varied businesses and professionals, the Chamber likely has a business that can fill any need or service you require. Further, the Chamber has access to Group Benefits Plans at a very reasonable rate, this can help both new and established businesses who are growing and are looking for cost efficient benefits plan for their employees. The Chamber recognizes that business of any size are always looking to have access to the best possible partners and services, at the most affordable rates. The Chamber recognizes this and is constantly seeking ways to make doing business in Cloverdale, Clayton and Campbell Heights as easy as possible for our members.

As we slowly begin to return to normal, the Chamber remains ready to offer our support and help to all our members and the communities of Cloverdale, Clayton and Campbell Heights. Whether you are a new or established business, the Chamber is there to help you grow and develop. The services mentioned above are just some of the few that we offer and will continue to offer as we work to help our current members and potential new members adapt and grow in the post-pandemic world.

Please remain safe, follow all public health guidelines and enjoy the coming of spring.

Submitted by Tyler Dennis, President Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce