Vancouver SEO specialist Darian Kovacs shares Top 5 Tips for Business Owners. 

It can be tough owning a business, especially today given the current uncertain economic and social landscape. When it comes to ensuring your company can run at its best, you need to be running at your best too. Here are some tips on how you can implement tools and habits into your life that will help yourself and your business succeed.

  1. Find a relaxation app.

There is an app for everything. Even a gentle reminder to take a second and breathe is useful when you’re always going full speed. Apps such as Calm are multipurpose. They can guide you through a daily meditation, help you fall asleep, or just remind you to find some calm in your daily life. Take a moment for yourself and forget the stresses of the day; it’s actually ok, the world won’t fall apart if you take 15 minutes to yourself, and you will be a better version of yourself when you’re done.

  1. Set up Google Analytics and Google Goals.

Having an overview of what’s going on with your website is paramount to the success of your company. Google Analytics is a must-have for any organization. It allows you to see not only what’s happening on your website, but also allows you to make website goals, and understand from where you are getting the most qualified traffic from. Having access to real-time and historical data allows you to have the right information to adjust your strategy(ies) quickly, effectively, and efficiently, giving you the upper hand over competitors.

  1. Trailforks or Alltrails.

When it comes to taking time for yourself, you need to go all in. Escape from the city and get off the grid. A good hike not only gives you a physical release through a few hours of strenuous exercise, but it also allows you to mentally release and listen to the birds, wind, and trees. Get an app such as Allforks or Alltrails and find the perfect trail to explore.

  1. Get a Canada Post Incite Magazine subscription.

Marketing comes in many different forms. While some are fast-paced and digital, others are classics that give you something tangible. Canada Post’s Incite Magazine will help you get more value out of your marketing strategy. It has phenomenal content and inspirational case studies that will have you looking more closely at direct mail marketing.

  1. Subscribe to Granted’s e-newsletter to get notices and info about available funding.

Who doesn’t love free money? There are so many grants available it can be hard to wrap your head around which ones are worth your time and how can you apply for them! Granted’s e-newsletter will help you stay on top of the latest grants available, and help you find the right ones to fit your company’s learning objectives.

Implementing these tools into your life will help you feel a little more on top of what’s going on around you, and help you to bring the best out of your business. Give yourself a hand and try some of these fantastic resources.

Darian Kovacs owns & runs Vancouver based SEO, PR, and Digital Ads Agency Jelly Marketing