Referral Program

Membership Referral Program

Sign up a new member and receive a $25 credit towards your next year's membership fee or an upcoming networking event! Here is how it works:

1.     Referring member must be in good standing.

2.    The new member must not have been a member in the last 12 months of signing up.

3.     Members can refer as many members as they want, first member to refer an organization will be given credit.

4.     A credit of $25 will be placed on the referring members account upon registration and payment received of a new member.*

5.     A referral must become a new member within two months of the referring date.

6.     A referral must be submitted by email to with the following information:

Member Company:

Member Contact Name:

Member Phone Number:

New Member Company Name:

New Member Contact Name:

New Member Contact Info:

*Credit does not apply to the Clovies Awards Night. Credits will expire after one year of receiving it. Credits cannot be applied towards GST. 

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