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Mary Kay Cosmetics

Brenda Steele


Meet Brenda Steele, she teaches skincare, colour, and image in daytime consultations where the client is the artist.

Bring a friend and you both will receive before and after photos.

Mary Kay Cosmetics was founded by Mary Kay Ash who won the Top Women Entrepreneur of the 21st Century Award. In 1963 she started her cosmetics company in Dallas Texas. Brenda Steele signed her agreement in 1980 when the company was fairly new in Canada. Mary Kay herself came to most or our conventions. I can hear her saying from the podium “quit the dust balls”. Mary Kay stated her priorities as Faith, Family, and Career, in that order. Who knew that flex hours and online shopping would speak to women today. Canada is aiming for 40,000 consultants.

The Chopped Leaf at The Brickyard

Jas Rai

Meet Jas Rai, business owner of The Chopped Leaf located at The Brickyard. Jas is a mother of two and also owns the Langley Central and Morgan Crossing locations. Jas took over The Chopped Leaf Brickyard location  in June of 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

Jas loves Chopped Leaf because she believes in a health and fit lifestyle. All of Chopped Leaf recipes focus on being natural and flavourful! The Chopped Leaf believes that everyone can live their own Chopped Life; a healthy lifestyle in whatever way they choose, combined with high quality nutritious ingredients to keep your body feeling good after you eat.

Investwell Wealth Management Inc
Saad Siddiqui

Meet Saad Siddiqui, an independent wealth advisor with over 24 years’ experience of helping his clients. He have been associated with Royal Bank of Canada as Financial Planner and with TD Waterhouse – Private Investment Advice as an Investment Advisor.  He is committed to continually build upon his expertise in order to recommend his client the most enhanced tools and research the industry offers.

In keeping with this commitment, he has earned the professional and academic designations of Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Financial Management Advisor (FMA) Designation, Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) Designation & The Fellow of CSI (FCSI), the highest respected Canadian designation in the financial services industry conferred by the Canadian Securities Institute, solely recognizes individuals who possess a rare combination of education, ethical training and experience to serve their clients, FCSI stands-out and recognized as most trusted leaders in Canadian financial and investment industry.

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