Cloverdale is largely a community of young families. Here are the statistics for young people as a percentage of our population. Note that we have a larger percentage of young people than Surrey as a whole, and a much higher percentage than Metro Vancouver.

Although a little younger than the rest of Surrey, and a lot younger than Metro Vancouver, we have a higher average income than Metro Vancouver and a much higher income than the rest of Surrey.

Where Cloverdale really stands out is in average household income. By this measure we are significantly more affluent than the rest of Surrey and Metro Vancouver as a whole.

Above figures are supplied by the City of Surrey and are based on the 2006 census (with updates in 2008 and 2010)

The current (2014) population of Cloverdale is estimated as 69,310.


Population Projections

Cloverdale is the fastest growing of the six town centres in Surrey. Here are the population growth projections for the town centres supplied by the City of Surrey Planning and Development Department:

Note that Cloverdale is projected to grow by over 80% by 2041, compared to a very respectable 58% growth for Surrey as a whole.

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 Business Stats

  • Total of 15,957 businesses call Surrey home
  • Commercial & Industrial businesses make up over 55% of all the businesses in the City
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The City of Surrey has great resources online in the Business and Economic Development Area.


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