Certificate of Origin

The Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce will certify documents for both members and non-members as an essential trade service.
Document certification is primarily for the confirmation of the origin of goods and is a requirement of many countries before goods are allowed into their country.

Documents certified by the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce:

  • Certificates of Origin 
  • Representational Agreements 
  • Invoices
  • Visa Application Letters 

Office hours for document certification are Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Certification Requirements for all Documents:

For reasons of liability, all documents presented to the Cloverdale District Chamber must be notarized before they can be certified. The notarization process can be costly and time consuming. An alternative to notarizing individual documents is through a Letter of Waiver.  If a notarized Letter of Waiver for your company is presented to, or on file with, the Chamber, no additional documents to be certified by the Chamber need to be notarize. Please use the letter template by the Chamber.

In addition to document notarization, the Chamber also requires a copy of your organization’s business registration/license (describing your operations) on file or you can use the Business Registration template by the Chamber.

  • Documents must meet the following requirements before they can be certified:
  • The original document has been signed by an authorized representative and notarized (if no Letter of Waiver on file).
  • Documents must be issued by a Canadian company.
  • Documents must be accompanied by the proper background documentation.
  • Documents must be accompanied by proof of business registration.
  • Documents must be issued using one of the Chamber templates or similar for information purposes.
  • The required fees have been paid.

Fee per set** : $20/members | $30/non-members  (VOLUME DISCOUNTS AVAILBLE) 

**For fee purposes, a "set" constitutes putting up to 10 stamps (by the Cloverdale Chamber employee) on pages containing the same invoice number. This can be any combination of documents such as certificates of origin, invoices, packing lists, way bills, etc., as long as they are related to the same shipment (same consignee address must be on all documents), same product and are going to the same destination.

For more information, policy and procedures, and forms, email us at info@cloverdalechamber.ca 


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